PH7.62 Unutarnji full color display

Realni pixel razmak7.62 mm
Matrica modula32*32
Veličina243.84*243.84 mm
Oštrina2700 cd/m2
PH7.62 Unutarnji full color display

Main features of the professional module include:

  • IP65 self-carrying aluminium modules choice
  • Totally hidden cables, both for video input and power supply (no visible cables at all)
  • Higher impact resistance front protection system
  • Integrated working-hours counter
  • Manual/automatic addressing on each single module
  • Fast interchangeable LED boards from the rear side
  • Fast, auto-centring and locking system that allows screen to be build by two people even on a unbalanced equal floor
  • Rigging/Stacking frame allows to easily install the screen on the aluminium truss
  • Plug&Play technology allows real-time visualization simply plugging the video transmission cable.
  • High speed refresh rate to match today抯 camera standards
  • Special designed flight-cases to build up the screen without extracting modules from the boxes
  • Standard Video Control System with vertual design make sure easy install and clearence
  • Professional Video Control System with RGB Spectrum
  • Cables between modules up to 15 meter
  • Registered CX Display LED board design, with innovative materials and cooling technology
  • LED boards front-side in auto-extinguishing polycarbonate with super-high contrast
  • Serial ingress video 2,5 Ghz - BNC 50 Ohm
  • Vertical traction: up to 15 modules
  • Vertical compression: up to 20 modules
  • Brightness and colour regulation (manual and automatic) on each module and LED board
  • Modules?chromatic equalization (7 bits) to use simultaneously modules?purchased in different periods
  • Integrated emergency stair
ModelPH7.62 3-in-1 SMD indoor full color LED display screen
Realni piksel razmak7.62 mm
Broj piksela17222 dots/m2
Piksel konfiguracija1R1G1B
LED specifikacijeSMD1210
Matrica modula (piksel točaka)32*16
Veličina modula244*122 mm
Potrošnja energije25 W
Matrica kabineta (piksel dots)128*96
Veličina kabineta976*732*120 mm
Broj piksela u kabinetu12288 dots
Nivo zaštiteIP43
Težina32 kg
Najbolja udaljenost gledanja7.5 m
Najbolji kut gledanja120° (horizontal)
Max. potrošnja energije1050 W/m2
Način upravljanjaSynchronization
Grafička karticaDVI Graphics card
Drive modestatci constant current drive 1/8
Brzina izmjene≥60 HZ
Brzina osvježavanja≥400 HZ
Siva skala4096 grade
Balans bijele boje≥1100 cd/m2
Uvijeti rada-20°C - +50°C
Radni naponAC 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Načini prilagođavanja svjetlineManual, 256 level; Auto, 8 level.
MTBF≥10,000 h
Radni vijek100 000 h
Blind dot rate0.0003
Računalni operativni sustavWIN98, WINXP, WIN2000, etc.
Video signalRF, S-Video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, etc.
Kontrolni sustavDVI Graphics card + sending card + receiving card
PC načina prikaza1024*768
ProgramLED studio 5. with CE, ROHS, FCC Certification, ISO 9002


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